Meet Our 2013 Celebrity Waiters

Favorite Celebrity Waiter 2013 & Obstacle Course

Our Celebrity Waiters have a chance to win in two ways: One navigating a short obstacle course carrying a tray, on which is placed a white napkin and a glass of "wine". The object is to be the first waiter to reach the finish line with a dry napkin and a full glass of wine. The overall winner is decided by a final race of the heat winners. The second way was the Celebrity Waiter who raises the most money through votes. Visit Wicomico Habitat's facebook and photo gallery to see photo's of the event!


You voted and the Favorite Celebrity Waiter 2013 is Benita Harris with 1375 votes. If you weren't able to attend and watche the obstacle course race. you missed out on a great time. Ernie Colburn with his true and steady strategy took Gold and Joey Gilkerson, filled in for Jake Day took Silver!

All of our Celebrity Waiters helped Habitat for Humanity by raising $10,075. $130 of that came in after the polls closed.


Funds raised by the 2013 Celebrity Waiters will help build a home for Habitat’s newest family partners, Wayne and Susie Zickafoose and their 20 year old grandson, Kevin.  The Zickafooses, who have been married for 44 years, want to move to Salisbury to be nearer to the services at PRMC and to access help for their grandson who has learning disabilities.


Votes as of Friday, September 20th - 4:30 pm




Rev. Benita Harris was voted "Favorite Celebrity Waiter 2013".


First and foremost…Thank you all for raising funds for Wicomico Habitat!


A big Thank You to all the Celebrity Waiters and their suporters. You all raised $10,075!


Benita Harris was voted "Favorite Celebrity Waiter 2013" with 1375 votes.



Benita Harris: 1375

John Robinson: 1310

Chris Huddleston: 985

Kristin Smith: 940

Kimberly Roemer: 915

Joan Wharton: 900

Jane Ellen Mengason: 835

Walter Lischick: 710

William Talley: 500

Chere Petty: 440

Ed Townsend: 335

Brad Gillis: 190

David Caldwell: 165

Jacob Day: 155

Ernie Colburn: 120

Dan Satterfield: 70



Thank you all for helping to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity of

Wicomico County!  All of the money raised will help build the home

at 200 Naylor Street for Habitat family partner  Wayne & Susie Zickafoose

and their 20 year old grandson, Kevin.


Your votes make a difference! Votes are in increments of $5.00 for 5 votes.




Vote For Your Favorite Waiter by Donating Money:





David Caldwell
Ernie Colburn
Ernie Colburn
Jacob Day
Jacob Day
Brad Gillis
Brad Gillis
Kimberly Granger
Kimberly Roemer

Rev. Benita Harris
Chris Huddleston
Dr. Chris Huddleston
Walter Lischick
Dr. Walter Lischick
 jane ellen mengason
Jane Ellen Mengason
John Robinson
John Robinson
Chere Petty
Chere Petty
Dan Satterfield
Dan Satterfield
Kristin Smith
Kristin Smith
William Talley
Dr. William Talley
Ed Townsend
Ed Townsend
Joan Wharton
Joan Wharton